Our People

We are restaurant business consultancy based in Berlin. Our approach is to combine hearts and brains to offer our clients enlightened strategic advice for their restaurant businesses. Whether you are a young company with ambitions to grow, a large company looking to expand, or an entrepreneur needing help with a business case we offer top notch analytical work, and thoughtful advice. We emphasize that our focus is restaurant business. Our goal is to make you more profitable in the long-term, by taking a holistic view on the economics of the business, and making sure that guests, employees and other stakeholders remain satisfied. Each of these needs a generous piece of the proverbial pie to make a successful restaurant. With this philosophy, Pletypie helps you getting your piece of the pie.


We use Plentypie for strategic projects, where we need a consultant with top-notch analytical abilities, and in-depth expertise in the restaurant business field

- Emanuel Pallua, Founder and COO at Foodora

Mikael has a combination of an incredibly sharp mind, and a real passion for restaurants. Together this allows him to conduct deeply insightful analysis and to deliver actionable recommendations that our top-management relies on

- Mario C. Bauer, Executive Board Member at Vapiano

Plentypie helped us with the business case for our startup. Our consultant was really an expert, and the business case we made was super helpful, since it made us rethink and improve our model early on. It probably  saved us a lot of money in the long-run, because we might otherwise have made expensive mistakes


-Mauritz, Berlin- based restaurant entrepreneur

What our clients say