Some restaurants are hugely successful to everyone, except from the owner who walks home broke. The good news is that you have a great product which your guests love. Now it’s time to professionalize the place so that your hard work turns into profit.

Some owners fear that professionalizing the operations can kill the ambiance of the place. However, there need not be any conflict between having the coolest place in town and making money from it, as long as systems and procedures are implemented in the right way.

This module offers no magic bullets, but gives you the tools you need to create lasting change. The key is to implement systems that allows you to make many small changes that together will turn your operation profitable without sacrificing the quality that made you successful in the first place.

We work with you to create lasting profitability for your business. The module starts with an in-depth review of the business, to identify where the issues arise, and to see where improvements can be done. Once a clear and transparent view is in place, systems are implemented to turn your already busy restaurant into a success story for the owners too.

Currently, we only offer this service in Berlin, since on-site work is needed. 

TURNING your restaurant profitable

Opening a restaurant is a daunting project. Not only do you need a great concept, a strong opening team and good food, you also need to make it a viable business.


For many, opening a restaurant is the biggest investment they made in their life. Nevertheless, under-financing is a leading cause of failure for new restaurants.

Many restaurateurs are creative people, but less confident with business economics. How many guests does my concept need per day to stay afloat ? How much extra money do I need on the bank account when opening to keep going until the place takes off? How large must the location be to support my concept ? How many people do I have to hire ? What pricing is appropriate for my product? What rent should I expect to pay? What about the key money (German: Ablöse)?

Answering these questions will help you to make the right business decisions, understand your risks, and help you when communicating with financiers, landlords, etc. Making a business case also helps you think through the vital aspects of your business, so that you don't forget any important detail that could end up ruining the project.

In this module, we help you making a professional business case, so that you can pursue your project with confidence. At the end, you will have access to your own tailored business case.

We offer this service in person in Berlin.

BUSINESS CASE for a new business

Many restaurateurs dream of having a restaurant empire. However, there are many pitfalls when expanding. If you cannot keep up the quality, expansion can be an expensive way to ruin your existing brand. Should you run the new places yourself, or do franchising? How does franchising work? Who would your franchisees be? How do you keep quality high with several outlets? How quickly should you expand?

In this module is we help you creating your expansion strategy, drawing on years of experience with international restaurant expansion. It is suitable for young food companies that have the ambition to expand to several locations, but are not sure how to do it.


We help you making an expansion plan. This includes defining what structures to set up, what people you need to hire, what legal advice you need, how to manage quality over several outlets, what financing you need, etc.

We offer this service in person in Berlin, or remotely.

Expanding your restaurant business